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Ready to stop leaking your energy, time and precious headspace into areas that aren’t moving your business forward?

The Resilient Retail Club Membership

How to start, grow and scale a profitable product business

Growing your product business just got easier

Access the essential training, advice and supportive community you need to start, grow and scale your business.

Get the knowledge and strategy on what makes the biggest impact on your bottom line (and your brain space!) & learn how to implement it with ease.

Life before The Resilient Retail Club looks like: 

  • - A constant feeling that you’re winging it and that maybe you don't have what it takes to run this business.
  • - Lacking confidence and constantly questioning whether you’re on the right track, fogging up precious headspace so you can’t think about much else. 
  • - Like you’re on a hamster wheel, feeling like cash goes out quicker than it comes in when it comes to your stock management, and that you’ll never catch up with yourself. 
  • - An underlying panic that sets in - if you don’t make your business work, you’ll have to go back to the office and admit defeat.

Life as a member of The Resilient Retail Club looks like: 

  • - Knowing the answer to everything you need to know about running and growing your business, so you feel like a legitimate business owner who has their stuff together. 
  • - You’re in control of your cashflow and have a handle on your numbers and stock management - so you’ve finally got mental capacity to actually get on with the stuff you love! 
  • - A thriving community of like-minded business owners to support you and bounce ideas off, so you never feel alone in your business again. 
  • - Confidence in yourself and your ideas, so you feel like your precious time and energy is going into something that’s actually working 
  • - Selling in a way that is strategy-led, simple to implement, and profitable! 

ENTER: The Resilient Retail Club

The go-to hub for activating big-scale business know-how in your creative product business

This is for you if…

- You’re tired of feeling paralysed by the prospect of your numbers and are ready to feel in-the-know and in control so you can grow with confidence. 

- You’re DONE with not making the money you want because you know your brain and energy is scattered and you’re ready to be focused and simplify in order to amplify. 

- You know underneath it all that your doubts and negative self-talk are stopping you from making decisions that will seriously serve your business.

- You’re ready to take you and your business more seriously, and to feel like a legitimate business owner who has their shit together. 

This power-packed membership is the equivalent of having me on your business board to answer your burning questions, and sitting down with me to train you on how to grow and scale your business with confidence and authority.

 "Catherine has helped me to understand the numbers that matter - from profit margins to wholesale prices. I normally find figures really intimidating and am more comfortable with the creative side of the business. But with Catherine’s caring, friendly and non-judgemental guidance, I’ve managed to hugely increase Aerende's turnover with no extra work, to feel much more confident in the numbers and make really effective financial decisions that are securing the business for the future."

Emily Mathieson

"The Club has provided me with an easy to understand guide to my business as someone with zero business experience. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was approached about two separate wholesale orders. I was so excited but equally incredibly overwhelmed by the thought! BUT I could hop onto The Club, open up the wholesale module, and suddenly information about the processes, terminology and pricing was all there waiting for me. I was so grateful.  I successfully secured both orders!"

Rianna Mortimer
LadyGarden Illustration

Who am I, and how can I help you?

I’m Catherine Erdly and I am a retail expert, with twenty years of experience in all aspects of the industry from e-commerce to the high street.  

Having worked with household names such as Coast, Laura Ashley and Paperchase, as well as some of the most exciting independent start-ups, I have the real-life experience and inside knowledge of what makes a successful product business tick.    

I am a contributor on the subject of starting and scaling a product business, a judge of the Good Retail Awards, on the Editorial Board of Modern Retail, and a frequent expert writer and speaker on the retail industry.   In short, I know retail!

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What's included

Sign up to the Resilient Retail Club today and gain access to the following


Members get instant access to 6 courses and 2 masterclasses plus a library of workshop replays.

This includes instant access to wholesale courses, and three 6 week courses - Start Your Business, Grow Your Sales and Grow Your Profits


Once a month you can enjoy a Live online workshop - either run by myself or by a carefully selected expert.  


Join me twice a month for a session exclusively for Resilient Retail Club members.  Ask questions live on the call, or pre-submit any question and I will answer it live.

Members virtual meet-ups

It can get very lonely running a business can't it?  The Resilient Retail Club includes a monthly Zoom call so members can meet "face-to-face".  Designed to help you connect with others and share your experiences.  Each month we'll discuss a different aspect of running a successful product business.


The Resilient Retail Club community is housed in a private members Facebook group.  Join other business owners to ask questions, celebrate successes and get support.   You'll also be able to ask me questions and get feedback on your business via this group.


As well as instant access to the online courses, there will continue to be new content released quarterly.  

COMING SOON - Introduction to Email Marketing


Not sure you'll be able to stop by the community that often?  An exclusive weekly email just for members will include highlights from the week just gone so you can stay up to date.

new member group call

Every new member gets a warm welcome and the opportunity to join a special new members call so I can personally welcome you and others to the Club and show you around!


The courses will give you access to tools and templates that you need to build and manage your business.

Take a look inside the Club

What the members say.....

"I’ve already recommended it to other product businesses.  I learned loads and it gave me the push and focus I needed to get one with tasks I hadn’t found time for"

"You gave me ideas I would never have thought of! It felt as if I had employed an expert in my business, everything was so relevant to kickstart my sales. My business has absolutely gone bonkers since I took the course, so I haven't had time to finish the whole thing yet, but can't wait to get cracking on all the brilliant ideas you gave that I haven't implemented yet!"

Joanna Erikson, Miller & Co

It helped me just to know that there is a place where I can go when I can't find answers elsewhere.

Before the membership, I felt way more alone in all of this. Besides the, let's call it "positive psychological impact", I have improved many areas of my business: my newsletter marketing, social media, wholesale material to name just a few.

Daniela-Karin Raffl, founder and illustrator of Lykkefund Paper.

"I joined the membership to pick your amazing ecom/business brain!  My favourite thing about being a member is the friendly and informative support.  It's helped my business by giving me more focus"

Sinead Taylor, Red Faces Prints

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  • Four live sessions a month
  • Access to the private FB community
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2% of every sale is donated to Shelter via Work for Good



I am 100% involved in the membership and I am in the group every day Monday to Friday.  

You'll have plenty of opportunities to ask me questions either in the group or at the twice monthly Ask Me Anything calls.  

If you need more in-depth support and help with your individual business, you can choose my mentoring options - for more details, visit


You will have access to the courses and be able to work through them at your own pace for as long as you are paying for the membership.


No, you are welcome to cancel your membership at any time and your membership will expire at the end of that billing period (e.g. that month for monthly and at the end of that calendar year for yearly).  There is no minimum sign up period.


Yes, for one fee you get instant access to the entire course library, the Facebook community and four live events a month (two ask me anything, social call and workshop).


The course "Start Your Business" is designed specifically for people with an idea or who are in the early stages of launching.  

Members who have joined while launching their business have told me how useful they find it to have a community behind them!


If you create or curate beautiful products that you are proud of, then the Club is for you.  

Courses such as the wholesale course may not be relevant if you are re-selling others products, but plenty of the material will be useful, from looking at sales strategies to understanding your figures.

Building a profitable product business alone is TOUGH

You have to climb an enormous learning curve all by yourself, and half the time you don't even know what you don't know! 

The most robust businesses that I have seen are built not only on incredible product, but the founders have also learned the skills they needed to plan and grow their sales and profits.  

I believe that we can all be numbers people, and that we all deserve to build profitable businesses, which is why I'm passionate about helping you achieve the growth you want.  

If you are ready to take the next step in your business, and want some help to get you there, 
join the Resilient Retail Club today!