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How to start, grow and scale a profitable product business

Growing your product business just got easier

You are moments away from the essential training, advice and supportive community that you need to start, grow and scale your business.

Does any of this sound familiar?

- You've been trying everything you can think of to grow your social media, but it's not turning in to enough actual sales.

- You feel like you're on a hamster wheel when it comes to paying out for stock and you'd love some advice about stock management - getting the balance between investing your sales back in to stock, but still making enough money.

- You have a vision for where you want to take the business, but you get stuck thinking about the people and processes you would need to scale. 

- You've hit the end of what you can teach yourself about building a product business, and now you'd like someone to fill in the gaps in your industry knowledge.

- You want to start selling online but you don't know which tools to use or where to focus your attention first.

Wouldn't it be great...

- If you felt confident and clear about the key numbers you needed to grow your sales and profits.
- To have a clear strategy for growth that didn't involve spending all your time on social media.
- If your bank balance actually reflected the amount of work you put in to your business.
- To feel in control of your business and to be able to see the path ahead of you clearly.

Then you're in the right place

No more trawling Google trying to find the answers to your questions, or wading through "general" business advice that speaks only to service-based businesses.  

The Resilient Retail Club is dedicated to one thing - breaking down the concepts and tools that I've learnt in multi-million pound retail businesses across 20 years in the industry, and showing you how you can use them in your business.  

This is the real nuts-and-bolts of running a successful product business, mapped out for you in an accessible way with plenty of support and encouragement as you implement them.  

This is not about learning how to make your business look good, it's the tools and techniques that will make you, and your business, feel good.  
- Confidently plan, launch and manage your products.
- Feel in control of your sales numbers and cash flow with a clear idea of what's ahead.

 "Catherine has helped me to understand the numbers that matter - from profit margins to wholesale prices. I normally find figures really intimidating and am more comfortable with the creative side of the business. But with Catherine’s caring, friendly and non-judgemental guidance, I’ve managed to hugely increase Aerende's turnover with no extra work, to feel much more confident in the numbers and make really effective financial decisions that are securing the business for the future." 

Emily Mathieson

Why I can help

I’m Catherine Erdly and I have worked in the retail sector for two decades, with experience in all aspects of the trade from e-commerce to the high street.

Having worked with household name brands as well as some of the most exciting independent start-ups, I have real-life experience and inside knowledge of what makes a successful product business tick.  

I am passionate about helping you make your business a success and in The Resilient Retail Club, I will be there to cheer you on.  I'm here to advise, educate and help you feel clear, confident and energised about the opportunities ahead.   

"Catherine is very knowledgeable and has a great way of engaging and motivating people. She provided useful and actionable support and advice and has left me feeling incredibly motivated and on track with my business. Look forward to working with you again in the future Catherine. Thank you!"  

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What's included

Sign up to the Resilient Retail Club today and gain access to the following


Members get instant access to 4 courses and 2 masterclasses including my six week course "Grow Your Sales" PLUS access to 18 expert talks from the Resilient Retail Summit, now only available for replay via the Resilient Retail Club.


Once a month you can enjoy a Live online workshop - either run by myself or by a carefully selected expert.  


Join me for a monthly session exclusively for Resilient Retail Club members.  Ask Live on the call, or pre-submit any question and I will answer it Live.

Members virtual meet-ups

It can get very lonely running a business can't it?  The Resilient Retail Club includes a monthly Zoom call so members can meet "face-to-face".  Designed to help you connect with others and share your experiences.  Each month we'll discuss a different aspect of running a successful product business.


The Resilient Retail Club community will be housed in a private members Facebook group.  Join other business owners to ask questions, celebrate successes and get support.   You'll also be able to ask me questions and get feedback on your business via this group.


As well as instant access to the online courses, there will be a monthly release of new content every month.  

COMING SOON - modules 3-6 of two brand new courses will be launching in July and August.  They will cover how to start your business off right, as well as a more advanced course on growing your profits/managing your stock.


Not sure you'll be able to stop by the community that often?  An exclusive weekly email just for members will include highlights from the week just gone so you can stay up to date.


Access my pre-selected list of key partners offering services from PR to SEO including 1 or 2 discounts just for Resilient Retail Club Members. 


The courses will give you access to tools and templates that you need to build and manage your business.

Take a look inside the Club

Feedback for Grow Your Sales 

Instantly available to Resilient Retail Club members

 "I thought it was an excellent course, I’m really glad I did it! I’ve already recommended it to other product businesses and would definitely say it’s worth the time to complete. I learned loads and it gave me the push and focus I needed to get one with tasks I hadn’t found time for" 

Ruth Bradford, The Little Black and White Book Project

"You gave me ideas I would never have thought of! It felt as if I had employed an expert in my business, everything was so relevant to kickstart my sales. My business has absolutely gone bonkers since I took the course, so I haven't had time to finish the whole thing yet, but can't wait to get cracking on all the brilliant ideas you gave that I haven't implemented yet!"

Joanna Erikson, Miller & Co

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I will be 100% involved in the membership and I will very much present in the group on a daily basis.  You'll have plenty of opportunities to ask me questions either in the group or at the monthly Ask Me Anything call.  

If you need more indepth support and help with your individual business, you can choose my mentoring option listed above, subject to availability.  This includes access to the membership as well.


You will have access to the courses and be able to work through them at your own pace for as long as you are paying for the membership.


You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time and your membership will expire at the end of that billing period (e.g. that month for monthly and at the end of that calendar year for yearly)

Building a profitable product business alone is TOUGH

You have to climb an enormous learning curve all by yourself, and half the time you don't even know what you don't know! 

The most robust businesses that I have seen are built not only on incredible product, but the founders have also learned the skills they needed to plan and grow their sales and profits.  

I believe that we can all be numbers people, and that we all deserve to build profitable businesses, which is why I'm passionate about helping you achieve the growth you want.  

If you are ready to take the next step in your business, and want some help to get you there, 
join the Resilient Retail Club today!